It happened! Demi Lovato was heavily criticized for this reason and Their fans disliked!


The u.s. this time caused great discomfort to his fans because of a few comments very out of place

Demi Lovato, the american actress and singer became well-known thanks to a youth television series called “Sunny among stars”, from that moment the career of this young man of 27 years of age would be changed forever.

After so many years, some of the boys on the set of this series reunited on-line, and when they all began to remember emotive those times when they were recording it Demi made some drastic comments that they left a few out of place.

One of the topics of conversation most anticipated by all the loyal fans of “Sunny among stars” was to know of the life of the actors after 9 years at the end of the series, therefore, all have walked through different paths.

When asked to Lovato for his life, on several occasions joked that the only thing that has been dedicated is to be in rehab on several occasions. Apparently the u.s. surpassed the stage in which so much affected him in his life and he wanted to joke about it.

Many of the fans did not see the funny side to the comments careless Demi Lovatotherefore , they asserted that out of a rehab is not an easy matter and should not be taken as a game, that should be respected.