It unrecognizable! So was Emilia Clarke before slimming down to a Game of thrones


February 12, 2020
(10:05 CET)

Emilia Clarke has become the face most dear and defendant due to her participation in the Game of Thrones, one of the fictions more views of the story. The british actress embarked on the project in 2011 and stayed until the end in 2019. Throughout of almost 10 years, Clarke has played to perfection the role of Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, stealing the hearts of all fans of the fantastic series.

But it has not been its only role. Recently also it could be seen in the christmas movie, Last Christmas, who has achieved a great success. Previously we were able to see it next to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the hollywood blockbuster ‘Terminator: Genesis’ giving life to Sarah Connor. It was also part of the Universe of ‘Star Wars’ with ‘Han Solo: A history of Star Wars’, interpreting Qi ra. Many knew her also for his starring role in the romantic drama ‘Before you’ along with actor Sam Claflin, based on the best-selling novel from Jojo Moyes.

After so many years on tv, now that is more comfortable, Emilia wants to try his luck in the theatre, where it will grow as an actress. His first time on the boards was in Breakfast at tiffany’s on Broadway. Currently part of the work The Seagull (the seagull). The show will premiere next march in the West End of London.

“Look at all these beauties together!!!! Also known as the cast of The Jamie Lloyd Company with ‘The Seagull’. I feel proud and privileged to be amongst these majestic creatures. SPOILER ALERT: it’s Going to be epic”was supported in networks by introducing you to the whole team.

The young man has experienced a big career change, but also physical. The Mother of dragons that we met on a principle is not the same that we know now. She said he was too fat and looked very ugly. With force of will would put solution. Overcame complex and managed to achieve the ideal weight, much healthier. Thanks to the effort, diet balanced and physical exercise.

emilia clarke