It was revealed how much he won Robert Downey Jr. in Avengers: Endgame


Avengers: Endgame was the highest grossing movie of the story. With an investment of USD$360 million for its production and a total of USD$2,797 billion of revenue worldwide. And now also knew how much he won Robert Downey Jr. for his last appearance as Iron-Man and you will not be able to believe.

According to Deadline, the net gain that you got Disney following the premiere of Endgame was$890 million, a 78 per cent more than what we got with Avengers: Infinity War. A company’s success, so it’s not strange that the main characters have received big dividends.

Just for Endgame, Downey Jr. he pocketed a total of USD$75 million, broken down as follows:$20 million at the start of the production, in the concept of advancement, and other USD$55 million after the premiere of the film.

Despite the fact that his character died in this film, and thanks to his sacrifice survived the rest of the Universe, the fans hope he can re-appear in future films. And the maximum expectation is set on Black Widow, to be released in November of this year. The film, centered on the character of Scarlett Johansson, is located before the events of Endgame, so that the character of Tony Stark could well appear to be only as a cameo.