Jennifer Aniston forgives his father for abandoning


LOS ANGELES.- After several years of a complicated relationship, the actress Jennifer Aniston he decided to forgive his father, John Aniston, after that this left her when she was a child.

“She already forgave her father for leaving home when she was just a girl. It is as if Jennifer had been noticed that life is very short, and you want your relationship with John is the best possible. He is delighted to have been reconciled,” said a source close to the father of the british newspaper The Mail on Sunday.

This abandonment was not easy for the former partner of Brad Pitt, whom he had to deal with-along with her mother – the absence of his father without knowing it for a long time.

Among the few publications of Aniston in your account Instagram, is a photograph of her small. “I’m sure that he wanted to snow,” wrote the actress to refer to a TBT, which deals with his childhood.

But this time of quarantine and the social, the product of the pandemic Covid-19, has been of some help to the protagonist of “Friends” to reflect on the topic and to forgive your parent.

According to the source, Aniston has had long conversations with his father all the days, in which they have expressed their feelings and have left behind the problems of the past.

“There are still things that are painful for me, but I’m already an adult. I can’t blame my parents for what happened to me,” said the interpreter at the The Mail on Sunday.

The actress of 51 years of age, is the daughter of actor John Aniston 86-year-old, who is known for his character of Victor Kiriakis in the drama “Days of Our Lives”.

In an image of Instagram, published last December 26, appear both remembering old times.