Jennifer Lopez, Chiquis Rivera, and other famous parents who are in the good of the story


We have become accustomed to believe that the second parts were never good, and that there are several characters that turn out to be real witches, but real life is another story, and so we find cases such as Jennifer Lopez, Chiquis Rivera, and other famous parents who are good in the story.

And that is without devalue the couples earlier of their lovers current, there are several celebrities that have shown that love knows no limits and have become an important part of their stepchildren, confirming that when you want can. In addition, the own children demonstrate love to them, and what is seen, no question.

The key is all in the way you started this relationshipas the famous parents took over that role long after the end of the previous relationship to your current partner, becoming an integral part of life, creating distinct families, extended and full of love.

Some of them already had experience, others have done so on the fly, but his example shows us that anything is possible when it is truly done with the heart and that can’t overshadow a mother, but that in the heart if you can make space for someone else.

Parents famous and a great story

Take a relationship with the children of a couple is not easy, for they must show that they will always be welcome at home, that there is no kind of competition with your mother and that you simply respect the relationship, that are an important part of the family. So, these famous have been given a place of honor in the subject of the “parents” :

Ana Barbara

Though Ana Barbara you have three beautiful children of her own, is mother of heart of the sons of Mariana Levy, who at his death, left them to the care of his father at a very young age. Today, though Ana Barbara do not continue with this relationship, it has a link to extraordinary with the children of Mariana Levy and until Talina Fernandez acknowledges.

There are constantly samples of love in social networks and even also looks to Mary, the eldest daughter of the beloved actress.

Angelique Boyer

If you well, is an actress beautiful and talented, Angelique Boyer has demonstrated that he has a heart of gold. During your relationship with the producer José Alberto Castro, convivivió with the three daughters he had had with Angelica Rivera, Sofia CastroFernanda Castro and Regina Castro. Now that the Castro family suffered a great loss, Angelique turned to social media to give their condolences, and although not speaking much of that relationship out of respect for all, has a special affection for young people.

There is also the small Santi, son of Sebastián Rulli and the gorgeous Cecilia Galliano, with whom he has an excellent relationship, always respecting his famous mom. Yes, social media keeps a low profile by the decision of their parents, that’s why the photographs together, are private.

Gisele Bundchen

Abroad we can also find cases of famous parents and one of the most well-known is the Gisele Bundchenthe famous model and the Football player, Tom Brady, who already had a son before they started their relationship. Now, the small is the proud older brother of the two sons of Gisele and Tom.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

There was much talk about his relationship with Michael Douglas years ago, but now, not only have two children beautiful, but Catherine Zeta-Jones takes a beautiful relationship with the eldest son of her husband, Cameron Douglas, who has supported you in difficult times and always recognized as a great human being.

Salma Hayek

If well, Salma Hayek is the proud mother of Valentina, the daughter she had with her husband Fraçois-Henri Pinaultthe French businessman was already the father of three more children, which have formed a special bond with the mexican actress and even were an important part in your celebration of renewal of marriage vows.


Thalia it looks lovely, but without a doubt his role as a mother has been one of the most picturesque, fun, and beloved for it. Not only has care of their two children alongside her husband Tommy Mottola, but that also has given much love to the older sons Tommy, Michael and Sarah Mottola.

Alessandra Rosaldo

Without a doubt, one of the parents good most famous of the list. Alessandra Rosaldo not only does a exceptional work to the side of Aitana, the daughter who is the fruit of your relationship with Eugenio Derbezbut that has also formed beautiful bonds with the older children of her husband, Aislinn Derbez, Vadhir Derbez, and José Eduardo Derbez.

Galilea Montijo

We’re used to that Galilea Montijo enlighten our screens in the mornings, but in addition to treat as a king to his son Matthew, it is common in your home are also the children of her husband, the businessman Fernando Reina. Alexis and Claudia live together a lot with the presenter and are inseparable from his younger brother.

Chiquis Rivera

It is one of the parents most young people in the list but not the least experience, because since small, Chiquis Rivera he helped his mother Jenni Rivera to take care of their brothers and now, in addition to continue to ensure them, has formed a beautiful bond with the daughter of her husband Lorenzo Mendez, the lovely Vicky.

Jennifer Lopez

Certainly could not miss in this list, such as Jennifer Lopez it is an inspiration and in addition their children Max and Emme, has formed a beautiful relationship with the daughters of her boyfriend Alex RodriguezShe and Tasha, even coexist cordially with his mother and it always amazes me when they appear together.

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