Justin Bieber films Hailey Baldwin without makeup and sportswear How does it work?


Even being in the house, the model Hailey Baldwin does not lose the glamour. That showed her husband, artist Justin Bieber, with a video where the girl rests on a couch. Look at how beautiful it looks natural!

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin spend fun moments together as a married couple.

These weeks have meant cooking routines, gymnastics and even dancing and singing. Don’t get bored, ever!

In turn, it means a time in which the world-famous model Hailey Baldwin take a break from their looks extravagant and tremendous makeup on the catwalk, to use a look more sober ‘entrecasa’.

So the filmed Justin Bieber, sitting on a small chair, looking at the cell, with a diver, a pair of shorts, barefoot and hair tied back in a bun.

Posted on instagram was applauded by the fans, not only because of the appearance of the fans, but by the expression so loving the singer to Hailey!