Kourtney Kardashian is honest about her mental health


The largest of the clan Kardashian – Jenner, Kourtney, became the face of the new edition of the magazine ‘Health’where is honest about many aspects of his life private, such as your physical and mental health, in which he revealed that he goes to therapy two times a week to combat the anxiety you have.

During the past three years I have gone to therapy once a week, but now I had to bend the sessions of my therapy. It is necessary to have that consent, because I’ve noticed that I feel some things before they become a big problem,” revealed Kourtney for the publication an american.

Likewise, the socialite stated that not only go to therapy has contributed to the improvement of their mental health, because going to church has also served of help, especially the Sunday service that makes your brother-in-law, Kanye Westat that of time in when she comes in the company of the rest of the clan.

Kourtney Kardashian on her physical appearance: I do not count the calories!

As well as Kourtney sailing for your mental health, the socialite revealed that the care of your physical it is also of paramount importance, since it grew up surrounded by a world that instilled in him to follow diets and count calories, however, Kourtney Kardashian realized how bad that made him, for which reason, has ceased to worry about it, although, of course, still with a balanced diet, which has helped her to retain her curvaceous figure.

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“In my house we are all free of gluten and lactose, and is that my skin is very sensitive, so if I get to eat some of that, obviously it affects me,” continued Kourtney, “Of course, I’m still battling with myself (…) But I’ve noticed a great positive change, especially in my children”revealed the socialite for magazine ‘Health’