Kylie Jenner boasts their freckles as part of her new look


The beauty products have allowed it to Kylie Jenner to reap a huge fortune, making her the billionaire’s youngest world.

However, due to the quarantine, the socialite has adopted a new routine of the household, shedding the habits of makeup, false nails and plates in the hair, so decided to show off your new look on social networks.

Through your account Instagram, Kylie published several photos and videos during their social isolation. It’s been tough times, so staying at home is the best option, and despite being a female entrepreneur of the make-up, Kylie do not hesitate to say bye bye to the lip glosses, mascara and foundation in order to look her face to the natural.

The socialite accompanied your publications with the message: “my face these days,” and took the opportunity to promote their products for the care of the skin, which seems to have helped to maintain a healthy skin. The change of look of Kylie made to look much more youthful and was able to boast of their frecklesone of the features that most envy some girls.

Kylie not only adopted a new beauty routine, it also showed that you can create new trends in the natural, even said that he feels more comfortable without the artificial nails and want to take care of the health of your hair.

The socialite also shared some
stories to the side of his daughter
Stormi, who also joined the trend thanks to a filter of a butterfly that turns your face into a brighter, pecoso.
Awwww! What do you have done in this quarantine? Say goodbye to the paintings and experiment with your appearance the natural.