Learn who accompanies Maluma in is quarantine: VIDEO




The singer Maluma it is also in compliance with the social isolation imposed by the colombian government, through its president, Iván Duque to prevent the pandemic from spreading even more than it already has been doing, sweeping their way with thousands of lives and large amount of infected.

The singer is in his home in Medellin, Colombia and is maintained in continuous contact with their millions of followers through social networks, but there was especially a video that the artist showed yesterday in his account of Instagramwhere he shows up in that company is past the end of the quarantine, with a message written: “Now if I present my company to this quarantine, thingy hermosaaaaaa ?????”.

And in the video that artist went up the presented in the following way: “And well my people, I think that this quarantine has been very difficult, today, Sunday I picked up a thing so strong, I had to call a friend, to not spend this Sunday only, is the present”, and asked Maluma, “what if, is the present?” responds he, himself, and with a big smile, the colombian said: “mommy,” and went on to give it more of a kiss, concluding with a “hold”.

Can you imagine you of who they are?, do you not guess?, what a famous like him?, don’t worry girls he is not anybody, it was just a mannequin that the artist had at home, are rested?, he only wanted to make a joke, and did it, right?.

And was this video revoloteó the social networks because what is known is that the singer after breaking up with his girlfriend Natalia Barulich in October of last year, he had met a new love.

The singer also appeared in one of her apparitions virtual with a new ‘look’, and did so for a reason and very important is that he came to the fifty million followers on his account of Instagram, where you celebrated by showing a picture with wine in hand, and with the following missive: “Health and life, my people.”

Maluma has been known to use the quarantine time, has uploaded videos playing, has matching fun songs through the platform Tik Tok and has published images alongside their dogs, among many others.

As other famous artists all over the world, Maluma has had to cancel shows, that I already had scheduled on your calendar this month, such as those of Greece and Milan, due to the pandemic of the coronavirus that is everywhere around the world.