Let Brad Pitt do not know what you want and Jennifer Aniston ends up with him!

After that a source close to the now ex-couple revealed to the magazine ‘Life & Style’ that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were planning a secret wedding in Mexico, everything seems to indicate that the plans have changed, as the ‘actress’Friends’ has decided to put an end to her romance with the actor ‘Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, as well as revealed a friend of both for the british Heat World.

And is that, according to what expressed by the source, the emotional split between the actors is because Brad Pitt is not 100% sure what you want with Jennifer Anistonwhich is why the actress decided to finish with him, well, in the last few weeks the actor has been linked romantically with his friend of years, Alia Shawkat.

“Jen has told Brad that it is better to take a while until he knows what he wants”, continued the source, “She has told that is too large for ‘play’ and he is too big to be a ‘player’; Jen is really disappointed as he feels that it really gave all of himself. For his part, Brad is baffledbecause he thought that they had agreed to meet publicly, but she cannot believe that he does not see any problem in spending so much time with Alia… It seems that old habits die hard” revealed the source to Heat World.

Goodbye Brad Pitt! Jennifer Aniston has no time for romantic relationships

Also, the source revealed that the actress, for the moment, it is very busy in their work life, especially with the meeting of the ‘Friends’ that HBO has prepared for a special in the platform; program to which each member of the cast will receive nothing more and nothing less than With $ 2.5 million.

It was just so that Jennifer Aniston was encouraged to put aside their loving relationship, because now you don’t have time for that and much less if the person with whom you are not is sure of what he wants. “Jen told her friends that now stays away from the men of Hollywood and that has been enough in terms of citations. Feels like a fool and can’t be doing anything of the drama associated with it”noted the source for the british.

There is No doubt that, by more than the followers of the two personalities they would have loved to see them join ties of marriage for the second time, everything seems to indicate that such a time as will not come.

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