Liam and Chris Hemsworth finally plan to make a movie together


During the last decade, the Hemsworth have become one of the most notable families in Hollywood. While Chris Hemsworth probably the more recognized after their passage by the movie universe of Marvel as the God of Thunder, Liam has been involved in the franchise of the “Hunger Games”. Luke Hemsworthon the other hand, has done his part in the HBO series: “Westworld”.

It is so that the public is familiar with the family. However, we have rarely share the screen together, but this could happen soon. According to new comments Liam Hemsworth before Men’s Healthhe and Chris have plans of starring together in a “big action comedy” in the near future.

“I really admire my brother Chris,” revealed Hemsworth. “I have worked with many people who have been in very good positions in the last 11 years, and Chris has a work ethic stronger than most. It is so concentrated. I am grateful to have it and be able to use their resources and their knowledge. I call all the time to talk about the scripts and ask for your opinion”said the aussie star.

But then threw some more on the subject: “We want to make a movie this year together, which is like a big thing of action-comedy”. By the time it is not known exactly what that project could involve as Hemsworth did not give names. Even so, the idea of having two of the Hemsworths starring in a film together, it is certainly exciting.

Previously, Chris and Luke came in “technically together” in “Thor: Ragnarok”, with Luke playing the character of his brother in the play’s satirical beginning of the film. Interestingly, Liam was initially in the race to represent the God of Thunder, Marvel, and even did a screen test as the character. However, the paper remained in the hands of Chris. To learn more about the Hemsworth we recommend this other previous article.