Liam and Chris Hemsworth will make a film together


The brothers Liam and Chris Hemsworth part of the world of cinema, and both have leaped to fame thanks to participate in large properties Hollywood: the first in The Hunger Games, while the second is Thor in the Universo Cinematogrfico de Marvel. Both have taken separate paths in the industry, but that not to say that they have not considered the possibility of launching a project together. And that is precisely what they are doing both according to Liam Hemsworth.

The Hemsworth together in a film

During an interview granted to Men’s Healthwhile Liam Hemsworth is not offered concrete details about their future projects, s that are responsible for addressing how his brother Chris has been a constant support in his career. Despite being part both of the same guild, there is no rivalry between the two brothers: ms well, on the contrary. Besides, Hemsworth has stated to the media that they are preparing a film together.

“I really admire my brother Chris”I began responding Hemsworth. “I’ve worked with many people who have been in excellent positions in the last 11 years, and Chris has a policy of work ms strong that the majority of them. Est very focused. I am grateful to have it and be able to use their resources and their knowledge“. In this sense, Liam ensures that it does not doubt in requesting the opinion of his brother before accepting a role: “I call all the time to talk about the scripts and to have your opinion. Should I do this? You should do that?'” It is then when Liam assured him that both are investigating the possibility of collaborating on a project: “We are planning to make a film this year together, something that is like a great comedy action”.

“I really admire my brother Chris”

Unfortunately, Liam Hemsworth is not offered details about it. That is why only we are left to wait for the copper shape and, in the future, to know more information if finally just getting the green light. Meanwhile, both brothers are enjoying their own projects: on the one hand, Chris has just opened in Netflix the film Tyler Rakewhile Liam starred in the thriller Most Dangerous Game for Quibi.

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