Liam Hemsworth returns to describe how was his relationship with Miley Cyrus


We could say that one of the media relations that we have marked is, without a doubt, which formed Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus in her day. Both met during the filming of a movie and, after a relationship full of ups and downs, they surprised their fans with a marriage of a surprise that barely lasted in the time.

The history of the actor next to Miley Cyrus could be defined as a ratio frantic and intense. No one had any doubt that he both was love and of the good. However, the destination as always was up to his and both were truncated their plans for the future with an unexpected breakdown. The singer was seen with an influencer in Italy a short time after marrying the australian and after the facts took the decision to divorce.

The couple we were accustomed to your fun moments. Who does not remember the scares that way the actor singer? These videos were just a reflection of the complicity that existed between the two and that, from one moment to another, fizzled out.

Now the australian has wanted to share through an interview with ‘Mens Health’ some details of their past relationship. “For a long time, the relationship was very stressful. I remember that I should appreciate the now and enjoy each moment as much as possible” said the actor about all those rumors that, in a moment, lay in wait for his life.

Now that both have remade their life separately, it could be said that the brother-in-law of Elsa Pataky is going through a very good time. On the one hand, Miley Cyrus shares her life with Cody Simpson with whom she is passing the quarantine. Liam Hemsworth, for his part, is living a beautiful stage of his life with his girlfriend Grabiella Brooks. The stability seems to have come to their lives to stay and, although it has not been since always, it could be forever.