Lizzo explains why he has decided to rest of the makeup during the quarantine (an idea we LOVE)


A new day, a new reason to love Lizzo. Oh, and today is no exception! Lizzowinner of three awards Grammy this year, he has given us a surprise that, in a certain way, we thought impossible: during this quarantine, has decided to give him a break all to everything that has to do with makeup. Of course, this surprises us, because we all know that Lizzo it is the Supreme Queen looks fabulous in the present day, outlined in neon, much glitter and no afraid to try the colors more wild and bright, being the proof of that is all in the attitude (yes, that shadow is going! No fear!). It is a woman who loves the makeup and the beauty looks amazing!!!

In an interview for the magazine People, the singer has made it clear that you are well and that the priority are the people who are going through a delicate moment. “I feel bad because there are many people who were not prepared for this; I think that this has been the most complex part. You must show emotional, be empathetic and sensitive to the people. At this time there are many people who are struggling, and my little problems are nothing in comparison with them.”