Margot Robbie at the top of Hollywood


The Oscar-nominated actress has conquered the whole world with her outstanding beauty and exceptional artistic talent.

With only 29 years, the actress a native of Australia it has been known as one of the promises highlights of Hollywood after receiving his second nomination as Best supporting Actress in the last academy Awards, thanks to his performance in the film ‘Bombshell’, a film that brings to life the sultry “scandal” of Fox News and its allegations about sexual harassment of the founder of the television network, Roger Ailes. In turn, the criticism has conceived an excellent overview to his character in ‘once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, where he gives life to the iconic celebrity of the 60s, Sharon Tate. But that’s not all for Margot Robbie, his career is just beginning and there is still much to see of this beautiful actress.

2020 is a year of a lot of work to Margot Robbie

At his young age of 17 years began to be known as an actress in the theater of your location in Dalby, Queensland (Australia), but their luck would change only after a time, when it was included in the cast main from the australian series ‘Neighbours’, where originally would be a small role, but loved both the producers who became as central character.

In 2011 Margot Robbie moved residence to the united States with the conviction of becoming a Hollywood star. Little by little he was trying his luck in series and low budget films that went unnoticed in the billboards and the tv, until in 2013 she got her time with ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, where she shared credits with Leonardo DiCaprio and was directed by the great Martin Scorsese.

The captivating smile of Margot Robbie

You will rub elbows with big Hollywood stars

His debut in Hollywood with ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ was only the beginning of a streak of great success on billboards for Margot Robbie. In the following years would take part as co-protagonist in tapes of resounding success as a ‘Focus’, ‘TheLegend of Tarzan,’ and ‘Suicide Squad’, a film that consecrated her as an actress, multi-faceted, thanks to its character as Harley Quinn. The promotion and marketing of the film was so strong that many girls were dressed as the legendary villain of comics to the premiere. He is currently working on billboards their own movie as Harley Quinn, ‘Birds of Prey’, which despite the criticism it has raised a good box officethough not as compelling as loesperaban DC Films and Warner Bros.

It should be noted that Margot Robbie has worked surrounded by big Hollywood stars like Will Smith, Alexander Skarsgård, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, with these últimosactuó in the renowned Quentin Tarantino flick, ‘once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, the winner of two Academy awards.

In the multi-award winning film that gave life to the deceased actress, Sharon Tate, and both their interpretation as their physical resemblance caused a great deal of conmociónen the media. DebraTate, the sister of the iconic actress of the 60’s, was impressed with Margot Robbie, so that gave him some jewelry that he had used Sharon Tate in life.

Always wrapped in a brio esxepcional, the diva of Hollywood

Nominated for multiple awards

His latest movies like ‘I, Tonya’, where he plays the well-known skater, artistic TonyaHarding, the film’s historic ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ and the risky tape JayRoach, ‘Bombsheel’, paid off for the prodigious career of the actress, because thanks to this he earned his first nominations in the academy Awards as Best Actress in 2018, and Best supporting Actress this year, as well as multiple nominations in the Golden Globes, the BAFTA Film Awards and the ScreenActorsGuildAwards.

There is No doubt that he still has a long way to go to the australian of 29 years;among his upcoming projects is the second film of ‘TheSuicide Squad’, which plans to launch in 2021. It is also expected an ambitious proposal of the live-action of the Barbie doll, a project of which we know little, but in the case of Margot Robbie at the head of the tape, we can be sure that it will be a success.

His personal life

Few know that the beautiful actress is married to director and british director Tom Ackerley since 2016 and it is not a surprise as they prefer to be tight when it comes to talking about her personal life with the press. Also very few people know is that during the awards season, particularly in the ceremony of the BAFTAS and the Oscars, the actress was mourning the death of his grandfather, Herbert Kessler, who was a very close-knit, however, he did not mention anything about it despite the fact that he was completely devastated. During their passage through the red carpets of such prestigious awards, the actress took her outfits sober as a sign of mourning, and in memory of his grandfather. Image: Clasos

He has been twice nominated to the academy Awards