Mia Khalifa presumed to figure in a delicate gown that shows your best attributes

The model and businesswoman Mia Khalifa shared a snapshot on your account Instagram graced with a delicate silk gown showing off their best attributes.

For many people the fact of hearing the name “Mia Khalifa” it is synonymous with something perverted because years ago, was an actress of films for adults.

Fortunately for her it only lasted a few months took the decision out of the middle and start a new life but is always associated with that kind of movies.

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Taking advantage of its fame thanks to its twenty-nine movies for adult, Khalifa who is now dedicated to be a commentator of sports, he devotes himself also to be a model and sell their photographs on a page of exclusive content and in addition to calendars in which she herself is the protagonist.

However, not everything was bad for Mia because thanks to its popularity many of his followers then get to know it so “formal” and outside of the industry were delighted with his personality, charisma and intelligence.

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In the picture that rose in his stories Instagram you can see him wearing a long robe the fabric seems to be silk, with an opening quite pronounced in your leg so that you can see until you reach a little to the hip even manages to be a little bit of his underwear.

The gown is three-quarters sleeve, has lace in the sleeves and in the neck which you can see is they pop their cute attributes, but not too much.

Although Khalifa already has a sculptural body not spent a lot of time for the vanity won and decided to join a gym to enhance your figure and better physical condition, which has yielded enough fruit so that you can see in the photo in addition you have also lost a bit of weight.

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