Mia Khalifa removes her clothes in Tik Tok by joke to your boyfriend and surprises to their fans | video | eint | Shows


Mia Khalifa, actress of lebanese origin remembered for his time in the adult film, continues to draw attention with their appearances on the screen. This time, everything is originated by a curious joke that you played to your partner.

No one can deny that, in the last few weeks, also a sports journalist has become a phenomenon of the platform, Tik Tok, whose popularity grows more and more each day. It was a new publication on this social network that has crazed his fans.

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Mia Khalifa also shares his videos of Tik Tok in your account of Instagram, which gets millions of views.

In a video that she shared Mia Khalifa, you can appreciate covering his body with a towel, while he seems to plotting something in front of the camera. After that, it gets rid of the object and throws it down the ladder, suggesting to viewers that has been left bare, though she does not appear again in the frame.

The actress Mia Khalifa appeared barely covered by a towel in Tik Tok.

A few seconds later, with the phone in hand, goes in search of his boyfriend Robert Sandberg, who takes out your exercise routine. She interrupted, and he bursts out in laughter, taking the humor of the surprise.

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Lazy loaded component

Quickly, the video became viral in Tik Tok. In just a couple of days, images have been reproduced by more than 7 million users on the platform, getting in addition to the 500,000 ‘like’. With this, the success of the actress in the social networks grows at an amazing rate.