Millie Bobby Brown responds to those who accuse her of using botox

A few days ago Millie Bobby Brown he was the victim of criticism for how much he has changed his face.

The young actress made her debut in 2016 as the protagonist of the series “Stranger Things”. And, just three years later, he left behind his angelic face to show a facet much more mature.

Although only 15 years old, the little actress launched a line of cosmetics and also demonstrated that she knows makeup very well.

But the fans didn’t like it, because it immediately began to tell him that he looked older, and not “according to his age”.

But in the face of criticism, Millie he decided to defend himself in a story of Instagram is picturesque.

“I know everyone in my last photo you want to ‘act according to my age’, but it is my Instagram and, honestly, if I choose to publish that picture and do not like, do not see it.”

In an interview with a recent Harper’s Bazaar, the actress said that it is hard to choose outfits for public appearances, because people always criticized.

It is always difficult to dress for an event on a red carpet because a lot of people have opinions, and unfortunately you say that you will not listen, but in reality you have to do it. For me, I sit there and think, I’m not going to listen to what they have to say, journalists or anyone who wants to write bad about my costume inappropriate”. In addition, she was quick to say that it is “your body and your rules”.

From 15 to 40 years

According to the network users, the girl of 15 years seems of I 40!, what has sparked suspicions of abuse of botox.

In the pictures, she looks cheekbones and chin more pronounced, as well as the lips too thick.

  • “Looks much greater than it actually is”
  • “Looks too big”
  • “It seems 40 years old”

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