New look! Look at the new style of Shakira left without words to Pique It doesn’t seem it!


The colombian singer has left us in love with your look out-of-series, How original!

The colombian singer Shakira has stolen the heart of this opportunity because from its inception was shown to have a great style and a unique personality that has captivated thousands of people.

On this occasion, we’ve encountered a film quite out of the ordinary because in the same we see the beautiful colombian sport a mane of black quite populated, certainly looks very different it Seems like another person!

The look of the small Shakira without a doubt, it was a trend because their eyebrows were almost united, and their hair loose to the heights of the shoulders. The most surprising of the matter is that from its beginnings has remained 100% natural.

On more than one occasion, the colombian artist has presented on big stages without a drop of makeup, in fact, on more than one occasion he has been seen barefoot, it certainly is unique!

Among the comments of the video that we talk about are: “ cute” “nothing has changed” “a queen from small – ” “I remember when I was in Colombia I went to one of your concert I was so small it was fashionable anthology mmm precious.”