New users of the Horizons recreate music videos, television programs

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is both a good game as a bad game, a salve for our “hard times” and a reflection dystopian working conditions, whether you work in service to a god Tanuki, hungry for money or your boss average. But beyond impose unnecessary meaning in the game, Animal Crossing is also a hotbed of creative ingenuity, a landscape generous rich toys for the bored and isolated.

Case in point: earlier this month, users of Reddit kazoo-And climbed a music video recreation of the “We Belong Together” of Mariah Carey, created using a tool in the game called Harv”s Island, a relatively creepy where a photographer major invites the young villagers to pose a variety of animals as they please. The video soon gave birth to others, the “Thank you, next” Ariana Grande, “Oops, I Did It Again” of Britney Spear, “My Band” from D12, and even “Bad Romance” of Lady Gaga.

You need a mind particularly disturbed, once in a generation, to think of something so spectacular: the courts, the use of animations in the game to mimic the dance of Gaga, the production design almost a beat-for-beat! Why is my brain so broken that the villager 720p, with small cuffs and a plastic bowl for my hair, it really reminds me of a human body? Probably. (I’ve also been playing too much Animal Crossing lately, I think).

Obviously, music videos and perplexing of kazoo-And are sure to generate imitators increasingly insane, as the imitation of the YouTube user Tracy Kennedy of “Toxic” of Britney Spears.

Animal Crossing Twitter, a rather fearsome full of weirdos and cool, has imitated the trend, recreating scenes from The Office and RuPaul”s Drag Race.

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In the meantime, I keep walking, tending my various gardens of flowers, wondering if ever I’ll pay the $ 120,000 you owe to Tom Nook for giving me a room to sleep. It may not be as creative, or interesting, really, as any other. the geniuses above, but I made a altar of my villagers can worship the god lizard that governs our island and to pay for it with blood when required. Oh, that has to count for something!


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