Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra the most tender in the christmas


The singer Nick Jonas, who is part of the newly reunited music group “Jonas Brothers”, caused a stir last year to enter into a marriage with the actress, hindu most famous in the world and former Miss World in the year 2000 of 36 years, Priyanka Chopra.

Your wedding held the 30 of December of 2018, was one of the largest and most unusual views in the media, as they sealed their love with two ceremonies, one hindu and the other christian. The celebrations lasted five days and featured more than 225 guests, among them, the indian prime minister, Narendra Modi.

The eccentric wedding of Nick Jonas

The eccentric wedding of Nick Jonas

At that time, the actress said, “Come and see Nick standing at the altar for the first time, illuminated by the sun as a backdrop, was something out of a fairy tale,” he said.

Since then, the couple has been inseparable and have not stopped to talk to the media, as both tend to boast about their love and their eccentric gifts on social networks.

This was the case of the birthday gift that Prianka he did to her famous husband in the month of September: a football game next to their best friends. And Nick is not back, because in this christmas is showcased, providing a beautiful snowmobile, which has generated controversy not be the safest in the world. But that does not interfere with the happiness of the Actress “Quantum” who has shown his emotion in his official account of instagram.

The gift that the singer gave to the actress

The gift that the singer gave to the actress

In addition, they have generated tenderness in all of your followers, post pictures of your first christmas as husband and wife, in which you see them radiant baking and decorating gingerbread cookies, using the eccentric gift of the actress and at the beach as we could see in his most recent publication, the also actor of the movie “Jumangi”.

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And is that the couple has not made statements about its plans to start a family in 2020, but Prianka told a major magazine that is a person who likes to live in the present, but in ten years when it would like to have children, but maybe this will happen with luck before, as she loves children.

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