Oh Natalia Barulich jealous! Jennifer Lopez and Maluma more together than ever


In life there is that always surround themselves with beautiful people. It is something that I always said my grandmother. The beautiful people makes you feel more beautiful. As if some of them will stick. As if beauty were contagious. Hopefully outside as well. So simple as to be with someone handsome so they can steal all your beauty.

If it is true that after you go down the street and see a group of girls or boys and does not fail the theory. They are all handsome. It is like a pass of models, brutal and in vivo. But one always has the feeling that even though this is not going to be handsome. In fact it can happen the opposite effect, that make all ugly.

Be that as it may the famous always around between them, and they all end up looking cute. Perhaps it is the eroticism of power and of fame. But it is true that when someone is famous it seems that their points of beauty go up exponentially. It is the case of Maluma. There are those who say that he is handsome, being famous or not. There are those who say that if it were not famous not eat a donut.

The groom Natalia Barulich continues to speak always comes out in some medium of communication. And this time we’ve got together with Jennifer Lopez. Barulich should be on the alert. Jennifer likes them young. And Maluma and she would do a couple more than good

Of time relationship only is based on a collaboration that will make Maluma in the new song of Jennifer Lopez. But you never know… the friction makes the love and singing together as the hours go by. Jennifer Lopez is , things as they are, a lot of women for the good of Maluma. But worse things have been.

Natalia Barulich pulls out the nails.