OMG! What Maluma is in love with Kendall Jenner?


It was in October, 2019, when it was confirmed that Maluma and Natalia Barulích decided to put an end to your relationshiphowever, both continued being friends and were on good terms with their romance.

Since then, not the singer who was born in Los Angeles, California, or the interpreter colombian have gone back to a formal relationship, but that has not prevented Maluma confess who is your big crush for a long time and it is nothing more and nothing less than Kendall Jenner!

It as you read it! In a recent interview to Access Hollywood, the singer of ’11 PM’ admitted he has set eyes on the sister of Kylie Jenner for some time, and he feels that it is a woman so beautiful… that gets very nervous when you are with her!

A few months ago Maluma and Kendall Jenner worked in one of the latest and most successful campaigns of Calvin Klein (signature of the both of you are emnajadores) and while they were together in the same set of recording, the composer ensures that it was difficult for him to conceal their nerves, so they suspect that the famous model, he realized what he feels for her.

Everybody knows that my crush is Kendall Jenner… I’m going to say it again, yes, she is my crush,” he confirmed, without penalty, the star of the Reggaeton of 26 years.