photos before and now, fans worried about their physical appearance “extremely skinny” (+IMAGES)


Mia Khalifa shot to fame for her participation in adult films, being a part of their job to look a stunning body and well-toned.

Recently however, through his official account of Instagramthe internet celebrity lebanese, shared a series of photos where he is seen doing exercise, having a figure very thin.

In the images Khalifa appears in the gym, lifting some weights, it should be remembered that since a few months ago, also an entrepreneur began to publish in their social networks their exercise routines and the results that has had.


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Before this, many of his fans expressed their concern for the health of the model, comparing old photos with new ones and commenting that the former actress has changed too much and now it looks very thin.

“Is very thin”, “Photo of carelessness”, “Caught a disease”were some of the comments.

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