Priyanka Chopra paid tribute to Kobe Bryant at the awards Grammmy


Priyanka Chopra understood perfectly the words of Alicia Keys at the start of the ceremony of the Grammy awards 2020, in which the singer was said that there was a particular sadness for the death of Kobe Bryant, anyone who has suffered a helicopter crash.

She came in a gown ideal for your silhouette to the red carpet, and as all joined in a subtle way, to the mourning that pervaded the world. With just a few hours prior to the ceremony of the Grammy awards, where she accompanied her husband, Nick Jonas, she went up an image of the player who was also referred to as ‘Black Mamba’ your account of Instagram.

Priyanka Chopra he pays a tribute to Kobe Bryant in the Grammy-2020

© Frazer Harrison

Along with that image came a small dedication in which he admitted that he started to know about the NBA was for him. He became a figure aspirational for her not only for her dedication to the sport, but because one way or another, became an icon of different generations -including yours-to.

As you know, today’s ceremony of the Grammy awards at the Staples Center had a peculiar affectation because it was a place he helped build, also something that Alicia Keys said in a tribute to the basketball player; it was an emotional moment to which it is joined by several artists…

What made Priyanka Chopra to show his empathy for this situation? Sor manicure stood out in a very subtle way, the number 24one by the who Kobe Bryant was referred to as playing for the NBAbeing a subtle way to pay homage to him.

And it only took a few hours for the feeling of sadness invade not only the family the player, but to all them that in one way or another, had some impact with your life, your discipline and what the preached.

Undoubtedly, this small detail made to join the collective grief that now fills the world, one that was very present in this ceremony…