Review of “Manic”, the new album of Halsey


Talk about episodes of anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses is a practice that is becoming more and more common within the world of pop. It is even difficult to find an artist of this genre who has not experienced some of your symptoms, forcing them to cancel meet & greets with their fans, promotions of discs to the media or, in the worst case, the launch of a world tour that was already about to start with all the seats sold. However, they almost treat bipolarity as the late motiv of a whole album is something that until now had not been seen at all. And that’s when Halsey comes on the scene as head, with Manic under the arm.

Having bipolar disorder means that, throughout your life, it is very likely that you may have constantly certain changes of mood extremes: stages with high emotional (mania) and low emotional (depression). According to what Halsey has declared before the media (and the title of the work has been corroborated), the album was written in a stage of mania, in which you can experience nervousness, tension, euphoria, unbridled, aggressive behavior, agitation… In fact, the rhythm and the lyrics of songs such as 3am or I HATE EVERYBODY –as well, in case– can’t fit more with this description. However, what for the of New Jersey was intended to be “an album written by someone who is angry”, it ended up being an open book full of feeling and contradiction with which the singer has achieved, she says, forgive and accept that part of herself incapable of controlling. Demonstrate topics such as Still Learning, 929 or Ashley, this last alluding to his real name as if a reminder or a self-dedication addressed.

In terms of what is strictly musical, it seems that Halsey has managed to take a step further in maturity and identity are concerned. Since he broke into the industry, the author of New American has been compared to Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Melanie Martinez, and countless pop artists that also research on topics related to the darkness, the heartbreak, the melancholy or the sadness. Your proposal is not finished enter by the eye because there seemed to be genuine. But with Manicfortunately we find that true Halsey that fuses to Sylvia Plath with influences of rap, rock and country, all within a pop, obviously.

“I don t wanna be somebody in America just fighting the hysteria” is one of the first phrases that opens the album. A project confessional, but at the same time conceptual, which has been recorded between the walls of your own home, and that, despite being irregular and not perfect, leaves us with the peace of mind of knowing that behind the character, there is a person who accepts and who doesn’t let a mental illness is the only thing that defines it.