School promotes its courses taking advantage of Shakira and his degree in philosophy


  • Shakira caught the attention networks, after showing his degree in philosophy, which she earned during this contingency, in which lives the pandemic by COVID-19.

  • Distance education has become an option highly valued by the consumer in these moments of contingency.

  • The communication on social networks has become a pattern a very important, as evidenced by the case discussed in this note.

Distance education is one of the many opportunities that are at hand in the midst of the contingency that is lived by the pandemic coronavirus.

An element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that has to do with innovation, from elements through which you can take advantage of the confinement in which people find themselves, due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19.

The case that we will analyze in where a school has taken advantage of the news that Shakira has graduated with a degree in philosophy, warns us that what is important are social networks to communicate and the value that has the power to take continuing education courses.

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A school uses Shakira to promote their courses

Shakira caught the attention of the world when he announced via his Twitter account, that he had obtained a degree in philosophy which he took during these moments in which lives the contingency by COVID-19.

The singer published a tweet where he showed the title which had been obtained after the completion of your course, a fact that was exploited by the King’s College Londonto promote their courses.

The Department of Political Economy retuiteó the message of Shakira, by writing that, please consider a master’s degree in economic policy, since as a philosopher this would help you in your future development and the deep understanding of the political and economic institutions.

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Communicate in social networks

The case in which the King’s College London has written to him to Shakira to offer a master’s degree and to promote their education, becomes an important reminder of how necessary it is today to migrate to social networks and use these channels as a means of communication, in a time where digital has become the option to to the contingency in which we are living.

With this case, an element that we must not ignore is the one that has to do with innovation and how social media marketing is more relevant than ever during this period.

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Distance education

Distance education is without a doubt one of the many options that people have to manage their talent in a time extremely challenging.

The School of Marketing has understood the need for professionals in this time and has developed a series of programs between certificate programs and distance Programs Managers online, which are a safe option to be able to face the contingency, managing your skills.

This has led to increasingly take into account references, by which we can understand the market and not only that, be able to identify patterns of value in the market.

The challenge of quarantine

The challenge of quarantine in which we find ourselves because of the contingency by COVID-19 puts two issues on the table. The first is the value of communication through social networks and the second is distance education.

Within these two cases the denominator is the digital channel and the opportunity it offers in order to help communicate with the consumer, as well as the opportunity to allow the management of talent with distance education through certificate programs or programs directors.