Serena Williams, motives to be the best tennis player in history


Why continue to suffer, feeling disappointment and retándose itself when there is nothing to prove? That is the question that only people who are called to make history in the sport and can respond with sound arguments. Serena Williams is one of them, a legendary figure, a beast competitive squandered all records imaginable, and has been able to lift women’s tennis to a higher-status. Dominant, charismatic, ambitious, single. Its defects derive from the excess of all such virtues, its cross particular for the empowerment of women after having been a mother is nothing more than a lure supreme is to continue to suffer and knowing that everything you do goes beyond the world of sport.

What will be difficult in 2020 to add a new title Grand Slam that has been elusive since 2017. The last years of the american are a cluster of statements out of place, the air of superiority on the track and outside it, as well as high-profile disappointments to dare to realize that at 38 years old already can’t earn any if you are not 100%, and even in that condition, there are rivals who are trained to defeat it. The criticisms accumulate, but it is necessary to understand that for a woman to win 24 Grand Slams you can’t be perfect and if something can be sin, is of a certain arrogance. The data offered by ESPN are shocking and worth analysis.

Obsessed with adding one more that enables you to balance the 24 titles of Margaret CourtSerena has become accustomed to feeding oneself of challenges are enormous. Some have complied, as to surpass Steffi Graf as the player of the It Was Open with more big tournaments won, while others do not, as done with the four majors in the same season. However, all what has been achieved deserves to be glossed over time and time again, listed with the coldness that give the cold data and position of relevance in order to appreciate as it deserves the feat of a woman who is still willing to write lines in his golden cabinet. These are the reasons why, no matter what, Serena Williams should be considered the best tennis player in history and, why not say it, one of the best athletes regardless of discipline or gender.

-Is the woman of the Era Open to more Grand Slam titles he has won (23).

-One of the two women who won a major tournament with less than 20 years, between 20 and 30 and over 30 (the other is Chris Evert.

-Since I turned 30 years has added 10 Grand Slam titles.

-Winning at the Australian Open 2017 became the oldest woman veteran in winning a tournament of this magnitude (35 years and 124 days).

-Although not won the Grand Slam (as did Graf redondéandolo with the olympic gold), has joined in on two occasions four titles in a row from 2002-2003 and 2014-2015.

-A player that has been able to be number 1 in the world with more age (35 years).

-Only she and Navratilova in the Was Open have been able to be made with six Grand Slam titles without dropping even a single set.

-Has accumulated 186 consecutive weeks at the top of the WTA rankings, matched with Graf.

-Between may 2009 and march of 2018 will never racked up two consecutive defeats, something that just broke in the first event he played after being a mother (Indian Wells and Miami).

-The only player who has won three Grand Slam singles titles after saving match balls.

-Is the player with the most Grand Slam titles won on hard court, with 13.

-Tennis player more veteran in having defeated the world number 1 (to Simona Halep in Australian Open by 2019, the pad 37 years)

-It is among the only three players capable of having won the same tournament the number 1, 2 and 3 of the ranking (Miami 2002). The others were Steffi Graf (Roland Garros 1998) and Venus Williams (WTA Finals 2008).

-A player with a greater lapse of time between his first Grand Slam title and the last: 18 years, between 1999 and 2017.

-The only tennis player (male or female) to have won a tournament in four decades different, after the achieved in Auckland by 2020. Only in golf (Sam Snead, Raymond Floyd and Davis Love III) and NASCAR (Dale Earnhardt) have succeeded in any sport.