Serena Williams steals the special gift of Venus Williams during the quarantine


The former world number 1, Venus Williams, received a special gift of a brand of well-being with a thank-you letter for inspiring his followers to stay active while remaining at home during the pandemic of coronavirus.

However, her younger sister, Serena Williams, stole his gift and mocked her in the social networks. Earlier this month, Venus Williams, started an online campaign to inspire people to stay in good physical shape during the quarantine period.

The 7 times winner of the Grand Slam is holding regular sessions in live on Instagram to train virtually their followers with workout routines at home. She is using common household items during the training routines, inspiring fans to use the basic equipment available in house.

“It seems that I received a special gift” – Serena Williams Subsequently, Asutra, a line of self-care, presented to Williams some of their products as a gift of honor to inspire the people to stay in shape and participate during the global crisis.

Venus showed the products that she received to her fans in the histories of Instagram. “Biodegradable all-natural with organic essential oils I’m excited,” she wrote, thanking to Astura by the gift.

However, shortly after posting the video on social networks, Serena stole the gift box. Even deleted the name of Venus in the thank you letter and wrote his own name.

In addition, she posted a video of her opening the box and showing the letter to his followers while joking with his sister. “It seems that I received a special gift”, said Serena. “All of this is cute.

Thanks Asutra (even if you mistype the name), ” he added. “I have to start hiding my things,” wrote Venus as I was coming to post the video of Serena. Venus is an investor and brand director of Asutra.

The brand wellness sells everything, from a Chill Pain Away Magnesium CBD Cream’ and cleaners for yoga mats up to mists for skin care and aromatherapy. The u.s. has been using their products for a long time.