So going to the beach Margot Robbie when they do not see what a scandal of woman!


From Naomi Lapaglia up Harley Quinn there is a distance sidereal in the film career of Margot Robbiebut she has shortened this space in a short slip. His career is going from strength to strength, and clear projects to focus on some of the most exciting that are presented to him. Not in vain is already in its own right one of the actresses -not, of course, americans, to a greater extent – most desired and sought after Hollywood. This status has the positive point of the money, fame, and recognitionbut there is also a noticeable loss of privacy, that, yes, let snapshot like this of the actress on the beach.

In the picture strictly professional, Robbie, watch out of the impasse that has led to the global pandemic by the coronavirus and that of some form has hurt some of the projects ahead of me. Although not all of them. In fact it has been confirmed that the sequel of ‘Squad Suicide’, call ‘The Squad Suicide’, which is in phase of post-production, that is to say, already filmed, will follow his scheduled dates. So the film, if there are no major changes, will see the light as planned on the 6th of August, 2021.

Harley Quinn is now the goose that lays the golden eggs of the australianhaving become an icon for women of the current landscape so abundant of superheroes that have skyrocketed the bet of the seventh art Marvel and DC. All in all, this is the positive side, because Robbie was also immersed in another movie, ‘Sneaky’ that is having more trouble going forward since I was in pre-production and that all lights have to be delayed.

Robbie hoped that this latest film, in which she has invested time and effort, go ahead and not cancel. While, the beautiful actress continues to give reasons to continue pursuing the throne of woman’s most desired of the galaxyand it does so without intending it, because this time has been photographed on the beach against her will, surfing (or trying to), and the result is surprisingly good. It is a genetic privileged.