So he trains Jennifer Lopez at home: shorts, face mask, and sunglasses, Always a diva!


Fans of the singer Jennifer Lopez captured the famous Hollywood playing with their children. With ball in hand, JLo let her see how it was her look to train and surprised everyone with its elegance!

Jennifer Lopez, your fiance Alex Rodriguez and your children enjoy these weeks in house and in family.

Cook, take the sun, enjoy the pool and even do gymnastics: activities in the home of the singer JLo did not stop. No boredom!

In the last few hours, fans of the puertorriqueno could capture the celebrity enjoying an afternoon of sun and games with her children. This time, they moved the ball from one side to the other. in a square

But beyond the sport, was amazed how Jennifer Lopez appeared lookeada. Don’t lose the diva or gym clothes!

A whole set of white color (t-shirt, shorts and zapatilas), in addition to the face mask mandatory and some sun glasses, and posed naturally for the cameras of their followers, while she photographed their children. How beautiful!