So is the actress that bends the body of Emilia Clarke in Game of thrones!


The albina Emilia Clarke, Game of thrones

February 14, 2020
(11:00 CET)

Emilia Clarke came to fame thanks to your participation as a Mother of dragons in the popular fiction Game of Thrones which aired with great success on HBO for seven seasons. What no one knows is that he was about to leave the series after filming the first seasons. The british gave a lot of modesty to record the nude scenes and relationshipsincreasingly own in the script. He felt even pressure and gave a blow on the table.

Is the protagonist of the series and the team couldn’t lose itless after having filmed and aired for several seasons. That’s why they sought for a solution to this problem. Those in charge of casting found a young girl very similar to Emilia in many aspects and it does not matter to stay without any clothes or star in a scene of high voltage. She is the model Rosie Mac, also british of 19 years.

Rosie loves to be displayed. There is no problem. In addition it is very proud of every inch of your body. In your social networks farda have folded Emilia in Game of thrones and publishes some of the moments of the shooting. In your account of Instagram is you can always see very light clothing. She loves to set fire to his followers and knows how to turn up the temperature and the number of followers.

It is amazing the great resemblance which saved both, despite having an age difference of almost 10 years. Much less is the difference when both are characterized by Daenerys Targaryen. The makers of Game of thrones felt very satisfied with the work of the model, and if not it is made public no one realizes it.