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So you can have the lips of Angelina Jolie


Without doubt, the lips of Angelina Jolie are its greatest characteristic stamp, and it is simply are perfect, however there are tricks to make them look so beautiful, and your maquillista staff recently revealed the biggest secret of the actress.

Although it is something that may seem very simple and even false, the fact that it was the best kept secret of Angelina, because those lips look natural and beautiful, because you do not use the typical eyeliner to shape and separate them.

So as you read it, the beautiful actress, uses checker, as his maquillista, better known as ‘Matin’, ensures that the concealer will not only make the corners more sharp and beautiful, but also prevents your lipstick does not come off of those edges.

You know, if you want to have those spectacular lips, forget the liners, and use correct, tell us how you went with this tip and take many photographs.