Spider-Man 3, the spoilers of Tom Holland and the return of MJ


Tom Holland has confirmed that the filming is kept to the estimated date, being July when they start production. But, what to bring back?


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Tom Hollandthe actor who plays Spider-Man/Peter Parker in the Movie Universe Marvel, has shared new details about the third part of Spider-Man solo in the UCM; thus, and through a recent interview promotional Onward of Pixar, Holland has confirmed the start date of the filming, the presence of Zendaya and according to him, Spider-Man 3 “it will be an absolute madness”.

Without entering into the details, and after recognizing recently that I already knew the script of the film, Holland has ensured that the story of this third part of Spider-Man in the UCM “it will be an absolute madness” and that filming will start in Atlanta next month of July: “I’m super happy about it. We’re gonna shoot Spider-Man 3 in July in Atlanta,” admits the actor.

On if Zendaya will return in the role of MJ, Holland ensures that yes, even though by the time you do not know how will evolve the relationship between the two after the end of Spider-Man: Far from home:Zendaya it will definitely be in the movie. In terms of the relationship between Peter and MJI’m not quite sure what will happen,” says Holland.

Finally, with the uncertainty of the character after Spider-Man 3, Holland don’t know what will happen with Spidey after the third part, despite the fact that by contract you should still appear in another movie along with other superheroes: “On my appearance in other movies MarvelI’m not sure what you want us to do,” he concludes.

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