Stephanie Cayo was surprised dancing very sensual to the beat of Jennifer Lopez


The actress showed off the sexy before and after cleaning your house, doing the challenge of the singer.

27 Apr 2020 10:15By:

The actress Stephanie Cayothat passes the quarantine because of the coronavirus (COVID 19) at his home in Los Angeles, where he currently resides, delighted thousands of fans with their amazing dance steps.

From your home, the peruvian fell in love with his followers after they danced to the rhythm of the famous challenge of the artist Jennifer Lopez after its unique presentation in the past half-time of Super Bowl.

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Through your account Instagramthe actress shared two videos performing the same choreography and the same rate, but with different looks and in different areas of your home.

In the first clip you can see wearing a little makeup, a pair of loose gray in color and a crop-top very sexy red color, revealing your enviable abdomen.

Meanwhile, although in the second video also looks very sensual, looks without makeup and with my hair a little more disorganized, as well as recorded the coming of the night.

With both recordings, the artist took to confess that the entire weekend was dedicated to doing toilet to your house and dance at the time.

It is weekend and my body knows it: It’s going to be dancing here enclosed, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” he wrote in the description of the publication in which it got over 200 thousand views and thousands of comments full of praise for its amazing movements.

In addition, with humor added the first video was recorded before cleaning the house and the second at the end to clean it up.

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