Stunning photos of Camila Morrone before you start out with Leonardo DiCaprio


The favorite actor of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio, is known for his talent on the big screen, as well as for their long list of former models supermodels. These days, the actor has left behind his days of bachelor. Has been out of the market for a few years and it is all due to an impressive newcomer in Hollywood called Camila Morrone.

Although the name of the beauty argentine-american arrived to the tabloids when they appeared for the first time the images of her new romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, the actress and model is no stranger to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The aspiring actress had her debut as an actress in Bukowski, a biographical drama written and directed by James Franco. The promising star is determined to make a name for itself … and we’re excited to see what the future holds.

In the meantime, here are some stunning photos of the beautiful young woman of 22 years before she began dating Leonardo DiCaprio. She has always been beautiful, but don’t believe our word, check it out!

14 it Is unclear why Camila caught the eye of Leo! Here’s a closeup awesome actress


Camila shows her awesome ‘makeup without makeup’ as he looks towards the camera. Although Camila started modeling, always wanted to have success in the acting world, and it is clear you have the talent you need! His latest project is a role in a tv miniseries titled Daisy Jones & The Six.

13 And here is a young Camila posing for the camera and taking their first steps into the modeling industry


It seems that Camila follows in the footsteps of his parents, since his mother is an actress and her father is a model. The rising star got the cover of Vogue turkey in 2016, with only 19 years! The modeling has helped the actress to gain access to new and exciting opportunities.

12 The actress even takes time to pose for some photos of model status on a vacation


Camila certainly keeps satisfied to its followers of Instagram and regularly posts stunning photos of their idyllic holiday and business trips. Your modeling career takes her to all corners of the world! Here it is, posing on a beautiful mountain in Switzerland. When you took this photo, she was on location for a photo session.

11 Here he is enjoying a holiday on the Italian coast


Italy is one of the favorite destinations of Camila and Leo also loves Italy. The country is known for its charming cities and its stunning coast. Even before they meet the single chunky, Camila went to Italy on vacation with family and friends. Here is the beauty posing with a white dress while taking the sun.

10 The rising star is always ready for the red carpet and here is a proof of that


There is No denying that Camila called the attention on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. The star opted for a dress of gold with a slit high and accessories with earrings to match, and a sleek up-do. He even had a moment to pose for some silly pictures with her friend, Rita Ora, who is a singer successful.

9 Here is a behind the scenes look of her first starring role in the feature film, Death Wish


In this photo, the actress shows her followers on Instagram a look BTS on the set of Death Wish. She appeared in this film alongside the Hollywood actor, Bruce Willis. The actress landed a starring role in the feature film Mickey and the Bear.

8 When not working, he spends time with the family while you look effortlessly flawless


Camila often shares glimpses of his family life with his millions of fans in Instagram. In this case, she smiles as she spends a day with his father and their adorable half-siblings. The star is family-oriented and appreciates the valuable time you spend with your loved ones.

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7 The star poses for a selfie without makeup shows your natural beauty


When we are not serving the best looks on the red carpet, Camila often do not make up, and embraces its natural beauty. Here is the actress that shows us a serious side and playful on the two snapshots that he shared with his followers of Instagram. She opted for the surf of the beach and a yellow dress for summer.

6 actress-turned-model gets back to its roots with this beautiful photo session


Here is Camila on the set of a stunning photo session on the beach. The actress started modelling in her teens and made her debut on the runway in her hometown of Los Angeles. Walked the catwalk for the fashion house, Moschino, in 2017. The actress usually opts for neutral tones and minimal makeup.

5 Prior to her whirlwind romance with Leo, Camila was a blonde burning


We have come to know Camilla as a beautiful brunette, but did you know that it was also a blonde bombshell? Here she is, showing her locks blonde, and her makeup smoked behind the scene, before climbing to the next track. We’re anxious to see what it looks will happen next!

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4 Here is posing for a close up of her makeup Glam soft and messy Up-Do


Even though your Instagram reveals that the star has feet on the ground and prefer a more natural look than the glamour, he’s not afraid when it’s time to shine. In another instant behind-the-scene, it shows her slender figure and her beautiful smile, as it is caught in a moment of sincere, looking beautiful without effort.

3 The actress is beautiful with a dress silver while attending an event red carpet with his mother


The apple does not fall far from the tree, and this duo of mother and daughter is here to prove that! Actress, argentina, the mother of Camilla, is no stranger to the lights and the cameras. The two appear to be close and can often be seen posing hand-in-hand during the apparitions on the red carpet.

2 And here we are serving another beautiful red carpet next to his mother and the actor Al Pacino


The mother of Camila, Lucila Solá, she is a famous actress in her native country, Argentina. Lucila was in a long-term relationship with actor Al Pacino. The icon of Hollywood was part of the family and Camila what she considered her stepfather before it was separated from its mother. It is rumored that it is thanks to that Camila met Leo!

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1 Finally, here is a Camila carefree and smiles naked towards the camera


It seems that Camila can’t take a bad photo! Here is the actress posing in front of her lunch while taking a sip of his drink. This photo shows that Camila has a preference for a look without makeup. Your career is just beginning and we are confident that it will be a pioneer in Hollywood for some time!

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