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In 1927, Cedric Gibbons, architect and art designer of the MGM, he drew on a napkin in the hotel Roosevelt of Hollywood a silhouette that was to become the Oscar of Hollywood thanks to the sculptor George Stanleythat molded the figurine in the image and likeness of the creator, and mexican actor Emilio ‘Indio’ Fernández, who posed nude at the request of his friend, the diva mexican Dolores del Rio, future wife of Gibbons. Since that time, thousands of anecdotes, curiosities and hoaxes have run over time since the launch of the first ceremony in 1929.

Some actors are so clueless that they have lost or have left forgotten his statuette in the most unexpected places. Angelina Jolie (44 years) I have to put it in a box during a move; Woopi Goldberg (64) (best high school by Ghost, 2002), and commanded to till the award and the company sent him by mail at R. S. Owens Co. Chicago –the company that manufactures the trophies-but when they opened the box from UPS was empty. Shortly after it was found in a trash can.

Angelina Jolie posing with the award for best supporting actress for 'girl interrupted'.

Angelina Jolie posing with the award for best supporting actress for ‘girl interrupted’.

In 1998, Matt Damon (49) and his close friend Ben Affleck (47) won one for being the writers of The indomitable Will Hunting (1998), but years later, Damon suffered a flood in his apartment in New York and the award disappeared. Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep (70) and Colin Firth (59) what they forgot in the bathroom.

However, the most extraordinary case starred child prodigy Margaret O’brien who took home the Oscar youth for their performances in 1944 in the movies Appointment in San LuisAndl ghost of Canterville and To the beat of the heart. The actress was 8 years old. Nine years later, the maid took the prize for abrillantarlo, but unfortunately the mother of the performer passed away, and when O’brien wanted to realize, the girl from service he had changed his phone number. Surprisingly his award appeared in a flea market in 1995.

During the ceremony, always occur curious facts. While David Niven he offered his speech at the 46th edition of the gala, a spontaneous run naked across the stage to vindicate the rights of gays. Another claim starring Marlon Brandowhen in 1973 was acknowledged as their interpretation in The Godfather. They went to the gala, and sent a young apache Sacheen Littlefeather, who went to the auditorium, the hard message from the actor about the degrading treatment that the native american community had in the industry.

Jennifer Lawrence fell down when picking up the Oscar in 2013.

Jennifer Lawrence fell down when picking up the Oscar in 2013.

The sympathetic Jennifer Lawrence (29) is one of the most patosas because, when picking up your prize to the best performer in 2013 by The good side of things, fell up the stairs and, to make matters worse, the following year it fell again on the red carpet. A story unusual was selfie the presenter Ellen DeGeneres (62) is made next to Meryl Streep (70), Bradley Cooper (45), Julia Roberts (52) and Jennifer Lawrence in 2014 as it broke the record of the tweet, more retuiteado of the story up to that point, with something more of 3.430.000 shipments.

As to the speeches, the longest in the history starred Greer Garson when she won best actress for Mrs. Miniver (1942), with a duration of five and a half minutes. But there are also dumb, because Marlee Matlin she was the first deaf person in take the golden statuette for best actress for Children of a lesser god (1987) or non-existent, as Katherine Hepburn he never went to the delivery of the prizes despite having been a candidate in 12 occasions and have won three times.

Before you go to the gala, the stars need at least a month to prepare physically by having to choose the designers and beauty treatments. Penelope Cruz (45) starred in the story in 2007 when failed the zipper of your dress John Galliano and opted for one of Versace with a lush tail of ruffles in pale pink.

Lady Gaga made history by posing with the yellow diamond, the world's largest Tiffany & Co.

Lady Gaga made history by posing with the yellow diamond, the world’s largest Tiffany & Co.

Last year, Lady Gaga (33) scored a goal in the history of the Oscars to look the yellow diamond, the world’s largest Tiffany & Co that required security measures secret and that it had previously been Audrey Hepburn during the promotion of Breakfast with diamonds (1961).

Also in 2019, Paulina Rubio (48) suffered a mishap when she danced of rampant on the feast of Elton John (72) and broke the heel of the shoe. But the ‘golden Girl’ is a woman prevented and, immediately, found the spare perfect.

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