The beautiful song that Joe Jonas was dedicated to his wife Sophie Turner


Joe Jonas confessed that the lyrics of this song are part of the vows that he wrote to Sophie Turner.

The Jonas Brothers released “Happiness Continues”, a film that contains some of his concerts, and Joe Jonas is honest about one of the songs on the album ‘Happiness Begins’, which has a meaning very special to him.

It’s “Hesitate”, a song that he wrote Joe Jonas for your wife Sophie Turner, and they are sort of votes for him.

‘Hesitate’ is a song that I wrote. It’s like my votes before I write my vows. It is my promise to Sophie. I can see in the audience when you are definitely the songs of those other people. I see couples embracing. I see someone that the song made him move something.

For me, it takes me to a universe completely different. I see her walking down the aisle again every time I close my eyes“.

Listen to ‘Hesitate’, and let yourself be captivated by the romance of Joe.

Definitely Sophie is very fortunate that a song so beautiful is inspired by the feelings that it generates in your husband, it is true love!, don’t you think?

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