The beginning of the enmity between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey


Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey shared credits during the program American Idol much is speculated about their enmity, as on repeated occasions were in front of the cameras by changing comments, passive-aggressive and even ignored. Reality or fiction for entertainment? Here we tell you.

It is said that even before entering the program, had expressed the displeasure of working with another as the jury of the reality show. Mariah was complaining that Nicki was very unpunctualfor his part the young rapper was always interrupted by his colleague.

Each is presented in a press conference took on that problems existed between them, even Minaj will not be contained to remember that Mariah is a legend. But by the time I get in front of the camera everything changed.

On one occasion the hearings had to stop because the words had been so hurtful and strong they were very nervous to not only your table mates but also to the production team.

What is certain is that your step by American Idol it is something that Mariah wants to forgetthere is no doubt that the time unpleasant was not only for Keith Urban, who had to sit between them and listen to their constant conflicts.