The eternal hole of the screenplay of ‘Back to the future’ has been solved thanks to Chris Pratt and James Gunn


‘Back to the future’ came to theaters in 1985, and by a lot over the years is still very present. The problem of films that relate to time travel is that it is very complicated to tie up all the loose ends to keep the consistency. Well what should you know Bob Gale, screenwriter of the adventures of Marty McFly and the DeLorean.

Back to the future

James Gunn and Chris Pratt are engaged in a debate on Twitter recently, reflotando one of the “holes in dash” from ‘Back to the future’, at least for a sector of cinefilia. Why are the parents of Marty not see the uncanny resemblance of Marty with his partner institute, Levis Strauss? James Gunn commented: “A perfect film can be different to a favorite movie or a great movie. A perfect movie is something that works from beginning to end without any obvious errors, aesthetic, or structural. There are lapses in logic. ‘Back to the future’ MAY seem imperfect (why parents do not remember Marty?) but still saying that it is a perfect movie because there are reasons why that might be the case (the time it protects itself from falling apart, etc). Or perhaps I am in a state of denial. Who knows”. Chris Pratt came to the cloth and replied: “You may not remember him, not as Marty, but as Levis. When Marty returns to the present in 1985, it’s been years since their parents had been able to realize the uncanny resemblance between your son and that boy of the institute 20 years ago.

To settle the eternal debate once and for all, Bob Gale has responded to Pratt and Gunn through the Hollywood Reportergiving the reason Chris Pratt: Think that George and Lorraine just agreed with Marty/Levis for six days when they were 17 years old, and not even we saw all and each one of those six days. So, so many years later, you can continue remembering that boy’s interesting that brought them together on their first date. But ask anyone who is think about their own days at the institute and ask if you remember a child that was able to be in their school during a semester. Or someone who went out once. If you do not have any picture, after 25 years you probably have a memory blur. So Lorraine and George were able to think that it is funny that in your time to know someone named Levis Strauss, and even came to think that his child of 16 or 17 year old has one similar, but he would not have been given importance. Sure, many look at the yearbooks of the institute and found photos of our classmates when they were teenagers, and we found a similarity with our children”.

Since you already would be. Thanks to the director and the protagonist of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ we already have an official answer to the great dilemma. Now that someone has explained at once to Doc what problem we have with the force, and why it all seems so strong. You can find ‘Back to the future’ on Amazon Prime Video, Movistar+ and Fubo TV.