The exciting performance of Ariana Grande with the return to the past on Broadway


The coronavirus is also affecting the culture. Not only for the duration of the confinement. Once we can get out to the street will have to spend some time so that we can get together in closed spaces like theaters, auditoriums or cinemas. The limitations of haircuts will become more restrictive to ensure the safety of the spectators… but all of that will happen in the future.

Meanwhile, there are many concerts and different cultural events are being cancelled or postponed as, for example, the world tour the boy band of K-pop BTS. This is causing the theatres, cinemas and libraries remain closed, without being able to reinvent itself and losing all profitability.

Ariana Grande has wanted to contribute their grain of sand to help one of the theatres most legendary of New York can survive this health crisis. This is the room SubCulture where are organized concerts and events related to the musical theatre. Grande has joined this initiative of the hand of Jason Brownthe musician and composer-in-residence at SubCulture, and other Broadway performers, as Shoshana Bean.

The pop diva has once again shown its skill and vocal power to interpret ‘Still Hurting’, your favorite song within the repertoire of Brown. The event was broadcast for free, but spectators were invited to perform any financial contribution that consider timely.

Ariana Grande has excited with their performance up to the composer himself, who has given him these words: “I Learn from you all the time, @ArianaGrande. Thank you for making a music so glorious with us!” Grande has responded by making it clear that it is she who learns it: “That’s stupid, but I like you a lot. Always be your girl’s favorite”.

The relationship between Brown and Large comes from far away. The artist of Boca raton did in Its 2008 Broadway debut with a work signed by Jason Brown: the musical ’13’.