The famous youtuber NikkieTutorials reveals that he is a transgender woman


Nikkie de Jager it is a popular youtuber american who has been entertaining his followers with amazing beauty tips and amazing tutorials for makeup for over 10 years and currently has on its Youtube channel more than 12 million subscribers all over the world.

The fame of NikkieTutorials is quite extensive because your videos are one of the most viewed of the Beauty section because no one can deny the talent that this woman has for creating art with makeup is awesome, and that is why he has achieved to be considered as one of the best Make-Up Artist on the Internet.

On this occasion, the famous youtuber is located in the mouth of all, and not necessarily for sharing box with great personalities of the Internet as Lady Gaga, Jeffree Star and James Charlesif not for having opened up to his followers to make an intimate confession.

The famous youtuber NikkieTutorials confessed that he is a transgender woman.

The youtuber NikkieTutorials is sincere and confesses that it is a transgender woman

Big surprise were all the followers of this famous youtuber when he revealed before the cameras, in a video over 17 minutes, that since he was small he knew that he had been born in the wrong body and this was why I had decided to be a transgender woman.

“I want to talk about an aspect of my, that makes me who I am, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it feels good to say that I was born in the wrong body, which means that I’m transgender,” said Nikkie in your video.

The youtuber NikkieTutorials is sincere and confesses that it is a transgender woman.

Nikkie de Jager he mentioned that it left their hair grow already wear girl clothing when he was 7 years old and that he completed his hormone treatment when he arrived at the age of 14; when he reached the age of majority, the popular youtuber had completed his transition and he could now live his life as the woman I always was.

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This revelation caused an uproar among his followers, as many secured never to be realized because Nikkie de Jager, never spoke on the subject in their videos or on social networks but they seemed right that the youtuber has opened up to his fans and thanked him for this enormous gesture.

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