‘The Hidden Truth’, the reality behind the professional sport


With an outstanding performance, Will Smith, starring in the neuropatólogo Bennet Omalu, shows the side’s most important sport, the professionalism. Supported by strong companies, seeking the return of their investment, regardless of the consequences, a truth hidden behind the power.

Based on a true story, the ‘Hidden Truth’ is developed in the county of Allengheny, pa, where Omalu is the forensic doctor.

In one of his autopsies, the former player of the League American Football (NFL for its acronym in English)Mike Webster, the doctor discovers a problem that would change the sport. A brain trauma that produces irreversible damage and side effects on the player.

Before its discovery, the specialist develops the concept of the Encephalopathy Traumatic Chronic (ETC), condition, degenerative brain produced by the accumulation of blows to the head.

In order to make public their concept, Omalu decides to take a more in-depth research in the former players NFL. You discover that the ETC causes a lot of physical and emotional suffering, leading even to suicide, as was the case of Webster, Terry Long, Andre Waters, among others exfutbolistas.

To bring to light the ETC., Omalu puts in danger the life of his family, who decides to hide it to overcome the case that reaches the court, following a demand from the NFL.

The evidence are in favor of Omalubut the millions of dollars, and the media power that moves this sport, are on the side of the NFL.

You do not need to be a fan of football to enjoy this film, which it puts in evidence the risk of high performance sport.

A recommendation for the quarantine, you can find it in the video platform Netflixto reflect on the ‘show business’ that goes beyond the health that promotes the sport.

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