The image of Halle Berry without make-up and dishevelled to their 53 years that you have all thought the same thing


As a large part of the population of the world Halle Berry is in quarantine at this time, due to the global pandemic of coronavirus.

The ‘actress ‘ Catwoman’ is going on these days relaxed in your home and forgetting about the hustle and bustle of having to be always neat and perfect. Thus, during his isolation, just like many of us, has decided to show off her more natural image.

Berry has shared a photo of her with no makeup and uncombed at the same time that it presents one of their recipes to all of their followers.

“Welcome to another “FitnessFriday edition #Quarantine. This is my day 15 and my collection of scarves is very strong right now Who has the time to fix her hair?”, he starts by saying in a fun way.

“I thought to give you all of my favorite recipes of #Keto Chicken with cheese sauce and bacon ranch. It is abundant, easy to prepare, requires only a few ingredients and belongs to the level DELICIOUS,” he explained.

Halle currently has 53 years, and many are those who have been amazed by how spectacular that is although it bears not a drop of makeup and wear their natural hair.

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