The joke of Demi Lovato on the times that you have gone to rehab


It all started because her co-cast Allisyn Ashley Arm (who played Zora Lancaster) asked what they had been doing since the end of the program. Then Demi Lovato be honest and replied in a tone somewhat playful: “I Went to rehab several times”.

Later Demi he talked about his greatest inspiration during his early days trying to overcome their addictions and said that his partner Tiffany Thornton it had been a great inspiration for her.

“When I went to treatment for the first time, when you leave you were my biggest inspiration because lidiaste with all these pressures of being a woman in television”.

About their eating problems explained that these were developed just when they were recording Sony with a Chance. On this issue, the actress explained, for example, the reason for that was his dressing room with a temperature of 80 degrees celsius.

“In my courts to eat had meetings. I was working so much. People would come in (to his room) and I covered with a blanket and asked: ‘why are we here at 80 degrees?’. And I said: ‘Because I’m freezing?’. I wondered what was wrong with me. I had an eating disorder, was underweight and I was freezing”.