The moment is surreal in which Zoe Kravitz met Jason Momoa (‘Aquaman’) alone at 16 years of age


Zoe Kravitz is installed in London, where for months preparing her role as Catwoman for ‘The Batman’directed by Matt Reeves and on the shared screen and stage with Robert Pattinson. Still, it has taken the time to participate in the podcast Questlove Supreme.

There, has talked about how this being work on a production of this magnitude, and has also talked about his family. On being asked by how was the time in which she met her stepfather, Jason Momoathe response has been unexpected and wonderful. I transcribe his words:

“My mother and Jason Momoa they began dating when I was 16 years old. I was living in New York and she in Los Angelesand I saw it when I had vacation at Christmas or in the spring, when I had days to go visit her. And they began dating and she became pregnant and I had still not met Jason. He had to come to New York city to a science fiction convention and it was going to be in town only one day and my mother called me and said, ‘I’m going out with someone’, which was important because I had spent a lot of time without being with anyone else, ‘goes to New York and I want you to know him'”.

“I, at that time a teenager, I said ‘what do you want to do?’, and as I was at school until late, I told him that he should pass by. So I was there hanging out with six friends and I told them that would come the groom, my mother and I had to salute him. Suddenly came a car and fell the greatest person and beautiful that had never seen before. And he loves to cuddle, so he crossed the street running to hug me. And I knew him not! Grabbed Me and lifted me in weight screaming ‘Hey, what happens, my god!’ and all my friends watched him from below because we had never seen anyone like that.”

The young actress also note that, when told to leave, he offered to take them, and ended up on the floor of a friend hanging out and drinking beer. When the father of his friend entered the room in which they were to bring the snack, so he found friends of his son “next to a giant that played the bongos, and had a beer in his hand.” What can be the story more wonderful.”

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Jason Momoa, impressed with the bravery of Zoe Kravitz