The nephew of Kylie Jenner revealed why error? that is not Travis Scott


Kylie Jenner Travis Scott
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Mason Disick has just opened its account of Instagram, and to debut made live because #quarantine. And he very honestly answered a question a follower and revealed that his aunt Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not together. Which ruled out all the rumors that have emerged about the return of the couple.

“No, Kylie, and Travis are back together”replied the eldest child of Kourtney Kardashian. For the moment, it seems that the account of Mason has been cleared. But the video was captured by several accounts of fans.

Though Kylie has not commented openly yes returned to the stage with Travis Scott, the rumors of the union started a long time ago. And encouraged with a video that the rapper released which shows that Stormi, Travis and she are doing quarantine together. In the video, father and daughter are depicted playing on the basketball court, while Kylie record.

After the declaration of Mason, and as they say, commonly the children always say the truth, is the theory that this video published by Travis, is old. Maybe a visit from Travis to Stormi, because if they agree on something, is that your daughter is priority number one.

After the birth of Stormi, and touring together in family, Kylie and Travis ended their relationship in October of 2019. At that time, the problem was that Kylie wanted to establish and enlarge his family, while the priority of the rapper was to concentrate on his music. “She still has trust issues with Travis,” revealed a source close to People. “He has not given the commitment that she needs. He is not ready to give her everything she wants”.

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Stormi
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Also, after the break, US Weekly reported that the couple had not separated himself completely. Beyond raising together their daughter, they were together romantically, but not official. “Kylie and Travis have been on and off several times in their relationship. Kylie still loves Travis and none of the two considered a total break”, commented.

So the comment of Mason comes to confirm that the couple indeed has not returned officially. Are simply states, and it will be forever, by Stormi.