The new romance, Demi Lovato gets approval from Sam Smith


2020-04-27 16:30:06

Pop star Demi Lovato has revealed that already introduced him to her boyfriend Max Ehrich to the singer Sam Smith.

The new romance of Demi Lovato has received the seal of approval from Sam Smith.

The pop star 27 years is dating the actor Max Ehrich, and Demi has revealed that her friend from the show is already a fan of her new boyfriend.

Appearing on ‘Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp’, Sian Welby asked: “Demi, you were saying that you and Sam became good friends and I heard that you met your boyfriend, and gave him the seal of approval, is that so?”

The singer, who collaborates with Sam in the song ‘I’m Ready’, confirmed that he had introduced Sam to her boyfriend, saying that would not submit to “any” to the pop star.

She said: “you Know, anyone who knows Sam would be somebody that would be very important to me; I would not, simply, to introduce Sam to anyone.”

But Demi, who has previously gone out with people like Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderrama, she has learned to be more shy when it comes to discussing their relationships.

She explained: “I Learned a little in my lesson to talk about relationships. I’d love to talk and explain more, but I think that it is better to keep things to myself.”

Meanwhile, Demi also revealed what he has been doing to pass the time during the crash, admitting that he has developed a passion for play One online.

The music star said he has been using the nickname of Rosemary to protect your identity.

Talking about his new hobby, he explained: “I Play One with random people online.

“I am under the name of Rosemary or something like that.

“Which I don’t know why, it just gave me that name, so I was sure that what I will take, whatever.

“So now I play with random people on the Internet all the time and I’m pretty good”.

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