The new tutorial of the makeup Rihanna and Fenty Beauty


Fenty Beauty presents the new tutorial makeup Rihanna with their new products in the cream to get a touch of color without complications

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna has launched a new blush and a bronzer cream. The artist of Barbados wanted an easy to use product that provide the skin a natural glow. Under this need, we have created the new Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush and Bronzer that bring a touch of colour to the skin with an impeccable finish and cool and a light texture and creamy that allows you to apply and spread the product easily on the face. Both the blush as the bronzer they are available in a wide range of tones so that all the users can find the one that best suits your skin.

The new blush Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush is designed to provide a touch of blush and natural glow to the skin easily and instantly. Is available in a total of 10 shades different that they blend with the skin without altering the makeup and get a fresh look and without complications. In addition, the new blush in cream Fenty Beauty it is resistant to water and sweat, providing a smooth finish and long-lasting.

New tutorial makeup for Rihanna

The Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer provides a natural tan instant a cream formula is easy to apply. Is available in 7 shades different shades of neutral, warm and cool to be able to adapt to all types and shades of skin. Its texture is smooth as silk resists to water and sweat so you can wear it flawless throughout the day, making the skin look a natural tan, as sun-drenched, instantly.

Both the blush as the bronzer can be applied to the touches with the fingers, or, if you prefer, with a brush. The Face Shaping Brush 125 of Fenty Beauty is the brush, perfect to sculpt the face and achieve a finish that is uniform and natural. Its synthetic bristles ultra soft with a medium density and allow you to apply both cream products and powder, getting a neat finish.

Then, I let the tutorial makeup Rihanna with the new products in cream Fenty Beauty already available in the online store of the brand and Sephora.

New tutorial makeup for Rihanna

New tutorial makeup for Rihanna