The protagnico who seduces Jennifer Lawrence fans are dying to see it in that film!


The always beautiful Jennifer Lawrence it is one of the artists young ms recognized Hollywood. Known not only for his strong character, but by his great performances in films of renowned, will be called to form part of one of the ms large deliveries of the film.

Pandemic coronavirus forced to suspend meetings, gatherings, recordings, and dems, as to prevent their propagacin, it is suggested to maintain a certain social distancing. However, communications with the actress The Hunger Games have existed, and we did the formal proposal to form part of the fourth film Star Trek.

There are many rumors and speculations about the possible actors that form part of the rest of the cast, but the name that ms echoes is without a doubt the the star of Passenger, though by now there was no acknowledgement from any side, nor from the production of the film, or the actress.

Besides the possible presence of Jennifer Lawrence in the fourth film, is filtr other data that enloqueci an ms to the fanticos. There is the possibility of putting together a fifth installment. But being as you count with the participation of the young artist?